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How you care for your new tattoo will determine how your tattoo will eventually look, we put the ink in your skin but you and your body ‘makes’ the tattoo!

It is an open wound, with no skin immediately after treatment, you must take care of it as it can easily become infected, by people sneezing nearby, people or animals touching it, dirt or contaminated water splashing on it. Sun and sun beds are BAD for tattoos at any time but on a fresh tattoo they can lead to serious skin damage! Saunas and swimming pools and dirty water can lead at worse to infection but can also loose you ink and ruin your tattoo.
It is normal for tattoos to feel sore swollen and a little bruised at first. However, if you have any doubts that your tattoo has become infected always seek immediate medical advice.

It takes 4 to 6 weeks to fully heal a new tattoo, 3 months before the ink finally settles and one year before you have enough sun protection built up in your skin to expose it to sunshine!

The first 5 days are crucial, if a tegaderm dressing has been applied leave it on for the recommended time usually 24hrs, once it comes off or you need to remove it or you have been given a cream dressing you will need to start the ‘clean and care method’ straight away.
You need to follow this method 5 times a day in the first 5 days
then 2 times a day in the next 4 weeks

Clean and Care Method
Materials you will need :- Pride Aftercare, soap, clean kitchen roll or paper towel

1. Wash your hands throughly with clean water and soap
2. Pat soap suds gently onto the tattoo do not rub, swill away the suds gently, do NOT try to remove dry, scabby skin or dried fluids just let the body shed these naturally as they are forming a protective layer over the new growing skin.
3. Pat gently dry with a paper towel, let the tattoo air dry for a few mins
4. Coat fingers in a light film of Pride Aftercare and press lightly onto the tattoo

Your new tattoo may ooze clear fluid and unwanted ink for the first few days this is normal and helps protect the new skin as it forms. At day 4 to 5 your skin will start to itch this is a good sign and shows that the new skin is forming, DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH IT! Instead cover it with clean clothes and give it a slap!

We are always happy to chat with you about your aftercare needs and queries, we have the expert advice to help you look after your new tattoo just text us, msg us on facebook, ring or pop in during business hours to chat about your new and future tattoos

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